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Planning a Motorcycle Road Trip
By Jesse T.

As summer draws near, the call of the open road beckons you to seek out new adventures. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your next motorcycle road trip.

Packing for a motorcycle trip takes a little more thought than packing for a trip in the car. You have limited storage space and plenty of items that you might need along the way. The key is to pack as compact and lightweight as possible. If you're not sure you'll need an item, remember that you can always pick up an extra sweatshirt or other item along the way.

Instead of packing bulky clothing for cold weather, pack layers. The warmer it gets, the more layers you can shed, and if the weather turns colder, you can always pile on more layers. Remember to pack your rain gear and a safety and repair kit for emergencies on the road. If you plan to pick up a few souvenirs along the way, leave enough extra storage room for those as well. Don't forget to pack a travel motorcycle cover to protect your bike on the road. A cover not only shields your bike from the elements but it also keeps it out of sight from vandals and thieves. Secure a lock through the grommets for extra protection.

When you fill your saddlebags, try to balance out the weight on each side as much as possible. Pack heavier items in the bottom for a stable base, and leave the lighter items for on top. Engine guard chaps serve a double purpose by keeping your feet warm and dry and providing extra storage space for maps, sunglasses, a water bottle, cell phone, flashlight, or other small items. Engine guard chaps, or soft lower covers, keep your feet from getting soaked in the rain or chilled in cold weather.

Perform a thorough maintenance check on your bike to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Follow the T-CLOCS method compiled by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation:

  • Tires and Wheels: Check for proper inflation and make sure you have enough tread left for the miles you plan to cover.

  • Controls: Inspect the throttle, cables, hoses, and levers.

  • Lights: Check the headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights.

  • Oil: Check fluid levels and top off or change as needed.

  • Chassis: Make sure your frame, suspension, belts, and fasteners are working properly.

  • Stands: Make sure your center and side stands are able to support the weight of your motorcycle.

As a safety measure, let someone know your travel plans and when you plan to come home from your motorcycle trip. You can still be flexible along the way. Just let that someone know if your plans change. Leave room to be spontaneous. That's where you make the best memories.

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Options For Adding Motorcycle Gel Seats to Your Bike
By Simon Harris

Riding on a motorcycle is usually not all that comfortable for long periods of time unless you have gotten a custom seat or pad to make the bike more comfortable. Depending on how much money you have available, you can either order a custom motorcycle gel seat or you can get a gel seat pad to put on top of the seat you already have.

The least expensive option to improve the comfort of your bike is to add a gel cover. AMC makes Comfort Max Gel Pads that cost between $70 and $125 depending on the size and cover material that you choose. If you choose a waterproof neoprene cover your gel seat cover will cost $20 less than if you choose a silver, tan, or black sheepskin cover. There are five sizes available: buddy (7" wide by 11" long), medium (12" by 12"), large (14" by 11"), jumbo (16" by 12"), and ortho-deluxe (18" wide by 17" long by 8" wide front).

For about $250 you can get the Suzuki Genuine Accessories Custom Gel Leather Seat, Pillow - C90T for Suzuki Boulevard motorcycles. This motorcycle gel seat equalizes the pressure of your body weight. It has a SaddleGel and foam inside and an outer cover made of leather/vinyl. Another option for riders of this type of motorcycle (as well as the (Intruder) is the Suzuki Genuine Accessories Gel Seat - Two Piece - Intruder LC. This option has gel inserts in both of the motorcycle seats so both riders will be comfortable.

The Kawasaki Fire and Steel Gel Seat (Studded) - Vulcan 900 Classic/LT works for Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles and costs around $265. You have the option of either plain or flame stitching in this maintenance free motorcycle gel seat with a fake leather cover.

Mustang makes motorcycle gel seats for Harley Davidson touring bikes called the One-Piece Sport Touring Seat for Road King (with or without studs). The version without the studs costs about $419, and is 15.5 inches wide in the front and 11 inches wide in the rear. If you would like a back rest there is an opening in the seat where you can install one.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Upcoming biker bash
Hey! Anyone know of or have been to any custom car shows or biker bashes I would love to hear about them. My friends and I have just been to leesburg and it was awesome. The place was packed, the beer was flowing and the girls were HOTTT! They had main st. blocked off to cagers and there were stages set up all over with bands, bikini contests, extreme cycle demos and vendors of all kinds. The food was delicious if you stayed on the street. We went to one of the diners on main and all though the food was good and the service was surprisingly fast the price was crazy like $10.00 for a hamburger and potato salad. Add a buck for cheese and $2.00 for ice tea then $3.00 for a tip and I could have gone to Outback for a steak. Oh well. This weekend 5/8 and 5/9 is the Brooksville old school biker rodeo which is no kids allowed so it should be insane. Check back for an update or share your thoughts or info. Take care and ride on.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

So, Here's a list of upcoming biker events:5/9 9th Annual Zephyrhills Rally check Clermont 2nd Annual Veteran's Memorial Ride to Bushnell Cemetery Eustis Central Florida Cruisers Annual Spring Event and Campout Ride to the Wall in Washington D.C. Largo American Legions Riders Thunder Run VFW post 10094 14268 Walsingham 10am5/24 Palmetto Biker's Day at Peggy's
Monday Bike Night PRIME TIME BAR & GRILL 11408 US 19 Port Richey Tuesday Bike Night every at Beef's on county line rd. Springhill
1st Tuesday Spring Hill Hooters Bike Night, 6-8pm 50/50, raffles and music Commercial way2ND AND 4TH WEDNESDAY NITE COTEE RIVER CAFE BIKE NIGHT, , 6-9pm 12830 SHADY HILLS ROAD, SPRING HILLWednesday Bike Night SONIC DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT4667 Commercial Way, US 19 Springhill, FLThursday Car and Bike Night at Chik fil A on S.R. 50 on BrooksvilleThursday RAMBLE INN Bike Night 8139 US 19 Brooksville, FLBike Night Every Saturday Night HIDEAWAY BAR & GRILL 11720 US 19 Port RicheyThat should keep ya busy for a while. Check bac for a Brooksville rodeo update. I am expecting insanity. Take care and Ride on!
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Well, follow-up on The Brooksville Rodeo? Not much to say. The Rodeo, I heard, was Crazy. I wssn't there. Friday night was wild. People everywhere, vendors everywhere, food, beer, bikes, campers and topless woman EVERYWHERE! But then, family and life got in the way on Saturday and we couldn't get back though I heard it was wild. Friday nite there were 2 bands which kept the crowd dancin and the beer was flowing which kept the crowd dancin and then a bunch of guys Had to be Bad Asses and one by one put their bikes against a concrete wall for a burn-out competition. After a couple of dumped bikes, a lot of toxic fumes and one blown tire on a full dressed harley everybody went back to the beer and music. Well there is always next year or next week so we shall see what's on the calender. Take care and Ride on!
Posted by Mustang Johnny at 12:52 PM